About Us

My entire life, I have called Dubai home. I grew up, got married, and had two beautiful daughters. In Dubai, we purchased a home and made it our own.
It was time to welcome our newest princess after ten long years of having my second daughter!

Zara Zainab, aka ZZ plum, filled our hearts with joy with her cute giggles and sparkly eyes.

I had not recently shopped for newborns, and I was relishing this new stage of my life!

I struggled to find cute, adorable dresses for my sugarplum and quickly realized that finding stunning, luxurious, timeless, yet affordably priced clothing was challenging in Dubai.

I eventually realized there are other mums out there who were searching for alternatives after growing weary of the same worn-out styles and patterns seen in malls.

So, I hand-selected designs with puffed sleeves, soft washed linen, and pure cotton, an eyelet ruffle here, some embroidery there, floral patterns, and vintage aesthetics, and voila...Sugarplum was born!

I sincerely hope you and your plum adore these patterns and take some stunning photos of them!

Please tag us using @sugarplum.ae. We would love to see how gorgeous your plum would appear in these lovely outfits!

Additionally, Sugarplum has wonderful gifting choices. You have the option to choose from our pre-packaged presents or create your own package.

We'll bundle it up and send it to your loved ones.

xoxo , chiefmum , Shibi Kabeer