Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Atsugarplum, we take online privacy seriously and we admire the concerns of ourcommunity of users. In this policy we describe our privacy rules with regard tothe information we collect through sugarplum.ae, to help you make informedconclusions about how you share information when you visit or use the site, aswell as your requests in determining what we do with the information that wecollect or hold about you.

SUGARPLUM.AE collects certainunspecified data regarding the use of the website. This information does notpersonally identify users, by itself or in combination with other information,and is supposed to improve the performance of the website. The unknown data wascollected by the sugarplum.ae website can include information such as the typeof browser you are using, and the length of the visit to the website. You mayalso be asked to provide personally identifiable information on thesugarplum.ae website, which may include your name, address, telephone number,and e-mail address. This information can be gathered when feedback or e-mailsare sent to sugarplum.ae, when you register for services or make purchases viathe website. In all such cases, you have the option of providing us withpersonally identifiable data.

Credit Card Information

All credit/debit cards details and personallyidentifiable info will not be kept, sold, or shared with any third parties

Sugarplum.ae will not pass any debit/creditcard details to third parties

Sugarplum.ae take suitable steps to providedata privacy and security including through various hardware and softwareprocedures. However, (Sugarplum.ae) cannot ensure the security of anyinformation that is disclosed online.

The Website Policies and Terms & Conditionsmay be changed or updated occasionally to meet the needs and standards.Therefore, the Customers are encouraged to often visit these sections to beupdated about the modifications on the website. Modifications will be effectiveon the day they are posted.


How we may use the information we gather

Wemay use the information collected on sugarplum for different purposes,including the purposes listed below.


l If you were to contact us with a questionand provide your email address, we would use the email address you provided toreply to your query.

l In addition, we use the data we collectfrom you and through the Site to provide the products and services you request;Reply to requests, questions, and comments, and provide other types of usersupport;

l Offer you products and services viamarketing communications.

l To do advertising, content, and offers toyou based on your interests and online activities,

l Perform data analytics regarding usage ofthe Site (including market and customer research, trend analysis, and financialanalysis;

l Guard against, identify, and prevent fraudand other criminal activity, claims, and other liabilities; and

l Comply with applicable legal requirements,law enforcement requests, and our company policies.


This website uses Google Analytics, a webanalytics benefit provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google's advertisingrequirements can be added up by Google's Advertising Principles. They are putin place to provide a positive experience for users.

Google services executed on sugarplum:

      •Re-marketing with Google AdSense

      •Google Display Network Impression Reporting

      •Demographics and Interests Reporting

      • Double-click Platform Integration

 We alongwith third-party agents, Google use first-party cookies (such as the GoogleAnalytics cookies) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) orother third-party identifiers together to collect data regarding userinteractions with ad appearances, and other ad service operations as theyrelate to our website.



A cookie is a piece of data from a website thatis stored within a web browser that the website can retrieve at a later time.Cookies are used to tell the server that users have returned to a particularwebsite. When users return to a website, a cookie provides information andallows the site to display selected settings and targeted content.

Cookies also store information such as shoppingcart contents, registration or login credentials, and user preferences. This isdone so that when users revisit sites, any information that was provided in aprevious session or any set preferences can be easily retrieved. Blockingcookies will mean that you are only able to use sugarplum for the purpose ofbrowsing and research rather than purchasing products. Through the use ofcookies, we can track previous websites that our visitors and other users ofthe IP address have been to as well as the search terms entered by users.Cookies are used purely for the purpose of statistical analysis of trafficflows for the improvement of our website, and are never stored in a form inwhich individual users can be identified. Therefore, they are not used tocollect personal information about you. The statistical data collected as aresult of Cookies is not transferred to our third-party partners in a form thatdiscloses any of your personal details in connection with them.  Please be aware that our providers ofadvertising and content on our site may also use cookies to collect data abouttraffic flows themselves. We make sure that all our partners follow stringentsecurity and privacy procedures.